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23rd November 2010

5:25pm: Writer's Block: Cool places
What's your favorite city or town that you've visited? Why do you love it?

Barcelona, but that was in another Age, to me.
I loved it because of the food, the amazing buildings, (the flat where I lived was built in early 19th century), and there was a bus that could take you anywhere in this huge city.
Current Mood: amused

27th October 2010

2:04pm: What am I doing?
Voting, of course!

Also checking the different candidates out.
Current Mood: cold

16th September 2010

3:36pm: Jezebel's adventure
My husband's grandfather died in early March. So we ended up getting his cat, a fierce hunter named Lola.

Three days later, Jezebel took off. I went to the pound twice, but she was not there. Then about two weeks ago, I got a telephone call.

Jezebel had been hiding under her house since mid-March. She would cry all the time.

Lady has three cats herself, so she started feeding her and trying to get her to come out from under the house.

Then she saw that her 'guest' was wearing a collar.

It has been a week now since Martha managed to get her into our cat-carrier.

Jezebel is so happy to be back home!
Current Mood: but happy!

28th May 2010

11:43am: Holiday Weekend!
We are going to be out of here this entire weekend, to return on Tuesday.

(Tuesday also just happens to be our 14th Anniversary.)

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!
Current Mood: cheerful

20th May 2010

12:17pm: All this rain!!!!
There is a swamp in the backyard again.

At last the birds are happy about it.

We have a pair of crows nesting in the Huge Oak back there.

(They are like a pair of roosters in the morning. Happy, but loud.)
Current Mood: amused

1st May 2010

2:59pm: Beer making galore!
In the past three months, my husband has started three batches of beer. First, he made a Porter. Then a red ale in one weekend.
The next weekend he started a honey wheat brewing.

He wants to start a mead again, too. We've learned that it gets better with age!

lol After his grandfather's funeral, the family gathered together to try and get as much of the belongings of this 83 year old man's life organized and put away.

We supplied mead for the family. They really enjoyed it!
Current Mood: calm

21st April 2010

2:32pm: Life can throw some curve balls
It hit me yesterday that I need to return to reading aloud.
Just because Pastor Jen at the funeral spoke so well.She's a new member at that church.

The funeral was good. The main pastor had known Stan for years.

The ladies at the church really did a great job of getting a luncheon set up afterward.

I thanked one of them; she just smiled and said "We all loved Stan and Shirley."

Afterward, the whole family went out to the cabin. Everyone together. Robert said it's been a long time since that happened. (He told me how many years, but I forget the number.)
Current Mood: thoughtful

29th March 2010

6:51pm: Went to the doctor today
Nothing is wrong, it was just time for my (bi)annual checkup.
I still need to go back after fasting 10 hours for blood-work. Plus, I need to get a new mammogram done.
Current Mood: chipper

22nd March 2010

2:40pm: Writer's Block: Countdown
If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

My medications! But I'd toss the cats outside, too.
Current Mood: weird

20th March 2010

12:16pm: It is not really so odd to get snow in March
Did you know how much good stuff that snow has brought frozen to the ground? Once it starts melting, the grass will just go crazy growing. Good for the gardens as well.
Current Mood: awake

19th March 2010

8:12pm: Winter still?
Supposedly, we will be getting more snow this weekend. 1 to 3 feet? I don't want to believe it. My bulbs are flowering!
Well okay, they usually start coming up while there is still snow on the ground.

Keep moving folks, nothing to see here. Move along, now.
Current Mood: annoyed

21st February 2010

5:07pm: What?
I cannot  explain why I have not posted here in so long.

Life has been interesting? 
 No, that's not it.

I've been distracted?

Well, yeah, but that's not a reason for anything.

I mostly just forget about this spot.

Yep, that's why.
Current Mood: peaceful

22nd December 2009

2:55pm: Going Home for Christmas!
Aside from my daily stuff (vitamins and other pills I take every day) I am packed and ready to head out in the morning!
That explains why I am tired now.

I have been really enjoying reading up on my f-list and seeing what everyone is doing.

Will be gone from tomorrow until Tuesday!
Current Mood: amused

19th December 2009

12:53pm: Ok, it is cold out there
But my skin is still happy, unlike other years!
Current Mood: cold

18th December 2009

9:51am: Game last night
Amazingly, my character did great!

(She is a 23ish woman, daughter of William Clark and a native-American. Had been doing work for the government since she was 18.)
Current Mood: accomplished

17th December 2009

5:13pm: Dead Lands mmmmmmm big grins
I hope my character is as clever as she needs to be tonight.
Current Mood: bouncy

16th December 2009

3:30pm: We have not been able to watch any movies since last weekend. The bulb went out while we were in the middle of watching - and really enjoying "Friends and Enemies."
Current Mood: cold

2nd December 2009

11:28pm: Movies!
Last night, we watched "Bullit" - starring Steve McQueen!

I went to sleep wanting to see more of his movies. It was pretty cool, after it was over they had interviewed his son, Chad, and his widow. They have worked to get his moviea re-released.
Steve McQueen died at age 50 from cancer.

Tonight we watched "Taken" - starring Liam Neeson!
Current Mood: contemplative
8:21pm: Lunch downtown
My friend Joe and I went to Milton's for lunch again on Tuesday.

We got there 10 minutes before they stop serving lunch, and it was no big deal for them. Or for us, until Joe was paged by his work.

Rogue and I have been really enjoying the roast he made.

Tonight, he decided to make soup (or stew) with the rest of it.
Current Mood: calm
8:21pm: Lunch dowtown
My friend Joe and I went to Milton's for lunch again on Tuesday.

We got there 10 minutes before they stop serving lunch, and it was no big deal for them. Or for us, until Joe was paged by his work.

Rogue and I have been really enjoying the roast he made.

Tonight, he decided to make soup (or stew) with the rest of it.
Current Mood: calm

25th November 2009

3:00pm: Lunch today!
Today is Wednesday, and just happens to be the day that two friends of mine take me out for lunch.

This has been going on for a few months. I love spending time with both of them!

But yesterday, S. called to ask if my Thanksgiving this year will be here, or are we traveling to my family in OK?
I told her here. we are going south for Christmas this year. She said "Good! We have a surprise for you tomorrow."

We drove into Kansas City for lunch - at Lulu's!

I have missed that food ever since the one that was here in Lawrence closed down.

Now, I'm tired, must try to sleep.
Current Mood: cheerful

24th November 2009

9:27pm: Writer's Block: I need my space ...
Do you tend to get turned off when someone you start dating seems too interested too soon? How do you politely tell someone to stop being so clingy?

Tell said person, "I like you, but we don't really know each other that much. I need more time to myself."
9:10pm: Thanksgiving coming up!
Thinking about all the things that I am grateful for.

There are a few things that I _should_ be grateful for - but I'm not. Why is that? I will ponder this a while.
Current Mood: calm

23rd November 2009

7:39pm: Currently, my favorite movie
Is called "Shoot 'Em Up"

Lines from it just pop into my head - when they are appropriate.

Sometimes I even tell Roguewolf'71.

It's good to make one's husband laugh!
Current Mood: amused

20th November 2009

11:17pm: What I've been up to,
Mostly, not much at all.

But, tonight is Poker Night - so there are several men here playing various versions of poker.

Big Ron did not make it, but we have Joe and Blaine here, plus Tony, Mike and his father, little Ron.

Of the cats: Zoot has come from the bedroom once, and Jezebel has been with me in the living room, until Robert offered raw shrimp to her. Then she freaked out, and hid under my chair.
Current Mood: cats
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